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About Us

Fluidity, a Creative Choral Community for a Cause, will hold event-concerts to raise funds to benefit partner non-profit organizations. We think of ourselves as creative doers supporting the needs in our community. Joining an event with a themed concert is a unique and meaningful way to pay it forward, while making a real difference.

Fluidity believes in equality; we seek to be fluid in song, genres, voicing, gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicities, and all diversities.

Meet the Team

The people who make Fluidity happen.


Matthew Moquin-Lee (he/him)

Artistic Director

With a passion for building organizational structures and fostering community, Matthew has garnered extensive experience in the arts industry, consistently operating at a high artistic level. His training under esteemed conductors, including Drs. Joe Miller, Brett Scott, Jerry McCoy, and Richard Sparks, have greatly shaped his conducting expertise.

Presently, Matthew leads a fulfilling and active professional life as Artistic Director and Conductor for Fluidity - A Creative Choral Community for a Cause, Director of the Women's Chorus at Xavier University, and Worship Arts Director at First Lutheran Church Cincinnati in OTR. Additionally, Matthew has been recently appointed as an assistant conductor of Seven Hills Symphony.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Matthew is deeply committed to community work, advocating for marginalized groups and speaking out against societal injustices. Recognized as a visionary conductor and creative artist, he relishes opportunities where his passion for music intersects with social justice causes. Recently, in April 2023, Fluidity partnered with the Ohio Innocence Project to raise awareness of wrongful convictions and shed light on issues within America's justice system. Matthew's future projects include advocating for affordable housing and environmental justice.

Matthew is happily married to his husband, Tyler, of five years and resides in Westwood with their adorable dog named Luther. Tyler serves as a pastor at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in western Cincinnati.

"I am very excited to be a part of Fluidity and its mission. Giving back to the community means a lot to me, and I'm eager to do it through music."


Joshua goines

Collaborative Pianist

Joshua, Fluidity’s incredible collaborative pianist, is the Director of Music at Mt. Washington Presbyterian Church. His background in piano and accompanying is something that began long ago in church when he was early in his music studies.


Since his early days of formal music studies, Joshua has been privileged to serve many churches as music director and organist. In addition to church music, you may find him leading the orchestra pit of a musical or collaborating with other soloists and ensembles in this diversely talented city.


Joshua’s position in Fluidity combines many of his passions for music, helping people, and performing, into a wonderful organization that Joshua  is excited to become part of.

Reyna 231024 crop.jpg



Executive Assistant

Elizabeth has been immersed in the music world since the age of 8. Having been an avid clarinetist all through grade school, she went on to obtain two music degrees in the choral world as well as traveling to sing nationally and internationally. She is always finding a way to stay connected to music. 


While her passion is in being a choral performer, she loves being on the administrative side of things. In the past year alone, she has had the privilege of working with Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Ballet, and Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, SC.


Regardless of the workspace, Elizabeth is passionate about creating and cultivating inclusivity where all feel welcomed. When not actively working in the music world, she enjoys spending time with friends, modeling, and exploring local Cincinnati hotspots.


We are a diverse choral community giving back to the needs of our neighborhoods.

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